Taking Back the Promised Land

from by The Jitters

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Got a monster on my tail, man my tires are squeelin’
I’m puttin’ pedal to the metal to escape from this demon,
I’ve watched my loved ones die all I got left is this truck
And if they think they’re gonna take that then they’re crazy as fuck,
I shoot a pipebomb out my tail just to send those mothers reelin’
‘Cause there,

Ain’t no feelin’ like eighteen wheelin’

Another wasteland town, another burned out wreck,
Another hole full of survivors that I couldn’t protect,
I’m runnin’ low on gas, I gotta find some soon,
Before I end up like those others on the nearby dunes
I should just quit this gig and find some sexual healin’
But still there,

Ain’t no feelin’ like eighteen wheelin’

Just then some moto-psychos spot me and they’re comin’ up fast
I gotta figure out a way to get these punks off my ass,
I pull some crazy fuckin’ turn that sends one out in the dirt,
And then I whisper something stupid like “Man, that’s gotta hurt”
I set the wheel in gear and climb right out of the cab,
‘Cause I’m an eighteen wheelin’ god, don’t you understand? GO!

I get up onto the roof and put my feet in the straps,
They let me steer the truck from here while I go swat these gnats,
I lock and load up my cannon , hope they’re ready to die,
‘Cause every press of the trigger blows another sky high
Now these minion fuckers know just with whom they are dealin’
I say there,

Ain’t no feelin’ like eighteen wheelin’

As the last one lies a’smoldrin’ in the evening sun,
I realize I’m sick and tired of’a havin to run,
I’m headed down to Mecca Town to finish off The Destructor
This is the last time that he’s messin’ with this pissed off trucker,
Well I’ve given my reasons, and I’m armed with my motives,
Not to mention a truckload of mother fuckin’ explosives.

In this dead end desert heat my plan just might seem grim
I’d trade my life and my rig, to put an end to him
I’ll cleanse myself in fire, an act of Absolution
This ain’t no quick fix baby, it’s a final solution,
As I head into the sunset just one deal that I’m sealin’
And it’s,
There ain’t no feelin like eighteen wheelin’

Ain’t no feelin’ like eighteen wheelin’ Ain’t no feelin like eighteen wheelin’
Ain’t no feelin’
Eighteen wheelin’


from WHAT​?​!, released April 16, 2013



all rights reserved


The Jitters Worcester, Massachusetts

Hailing from Worcester MA; stitched together from fragments of sloppy bayou blues, sleazy rockabilly,fuzzed-out garage, and the creeping, half-dead remnants of nightmares; the musical talents of Ryan Hatt and Nik McCarter are tied to a slab and thrust into the heart of an electrical storm to breath again as The Jitters! ... more


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